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The first precast concrete building in Fuzhou

- May 31, 2018 -

Yesterday, at the construction site of the Fuzhou City Compulsory Medical Center project on the north side of Jianshe South Road in Cangshan District, a 3-ton “parts and components” were slowly raised with the help of the boom with a “lifting” order (as shown ), firmly on the joint surface, butt joints, the city's first precast concrete precast concrete building components completed successfully.


The Fuzhou City Compulsory Medical Center Project is the province's first rehabilitation facility for special populations. It specializes in treating severe mental patients with a total construction area of approximately 27,000 square meters. It includes management service centers, medical technology buildings, enclosed treatment buildings, and meeting complex buildings. , is a provincial key project.


At present, the project is speeding up the construction of the main body, and it is planned to be completed and put into use in February next year. By then, the first phase of the project will provide more than 300 treatment beds, which can further solve the problems of supervision and treatment for patients with severe mental disorders.


In contrast to previous cast-in-place constructions, the main part of the project adopts a precast concrete frame structure. We need to modularize each one of the components needed for building a building. Like building a car, we produce various “components” at the factory and ship it directly to The construction site is being hoisted and spliced.” Wang Yao, deputy general manager of the project construction party Zhongjian Strait Construction and Development Co., Ltd. introduced that the proportion of precast concrete concrete in the factory for compulsory medical treatment accounted for 20% of the entire building. The "parts" used were mainly horizontal members. The first one that was hoisted yesterday was a two-story beam slab with a length of 8 meters, a width of 0.3 meters and a height of 0.46 meters.

The precast concrete components of the project all come from the production line of the Zhongjian Strait (Minqing) Green Building Technology Industrial Park. The required 957 laminated plates and 235 laminated beams have all been produced and will be successively lifted and docked.