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Wenzhou First Habitat Exhibition

- Jun 01, 2018 -

The 2017 Wenzhou First Habitat Exhibition, sponsored by the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee and the Wenzhou Daily Newspaper Group, was opened at the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the event was “Quality Living, Green Living, and Technology Living”. The exhibition site was a constant highlight.

The much-watched "New Bang Great" also made its debut at the Habitat Exhibition. According to Guo Bingchang, general manager of Zhejiang Xinbang Grand Residence Industrial Development Co., Ltd., after a year of planning, the Xinbang Grand Industrial Industrial Park in Lucheng Light Industrial Park was commissioned on the 26th of this month. The output value in the next year can be 200. 30-storey residential prefabricated assembly.

Simpang Industrial Park trial production this month

One year production value can meet 200 high-rise prefabricated assembly

On the same day, in terms of green living, a number of well-known green and energy-saving building leading enterprises, such as the Zhejiang Xinbang Broad Home Industrial Development Co., Ltd., unveiled their efforts to showcase the latest technologies and bring a strong “green energy-saving wind” to the exhibition. It will add a touch of bright color to Dajian Dazhong's quality construction.

At the exhibition site, the sixth-generation PC production and manufacturing process exhibited by Zhejiang Xinbang Grand Residence Industrial Development Corporation has attracted the attention of many visitors. "It has the advantages of saving water 80%, saving energy 70%, saving 70% of the time, saving 20%, and saving 20% of the land, and it truly achieves safety and environmental protection," said Guo Bingchang.

According to Guo Bingchang, the Xinbang Grand Industrial Industrial Park in Lucheng Light Industrial Park was commissioned on the 26th of this month. "After all the five PC production lines and one rebar processing line are put into production, the annual industrialized building area will be 1.5 to 2 million square meters, equivalent to a one-year production value that can meet the prefabricated assembly of 200 30-storey residential buildings."

“This year's new policy in Wenzhou has just been introduced. The first batch of parts will be shipped to Shaoxing in July. The second batch will use 13 turnover house construction projects in Binjiang Street in Lucheng District.” Guo Bingchang said that in the future, the factory can not only meet the city’s industrialized residential construction. In addition to the requirements, it will also radiate to the surrounding areas.

He believes that as the industrial park is put into operation, building a house like making a car is expected to lead the major changes in the traditional construction industry in Wenzhou. "Simpang Newgrand dared to innovate, dare to practice, and dared to invest in, there is a mature set of assembly technology, production lines, has walked in the forefront of the city." In this regard, Wenzhou City, Green Building and Building Industrialization Association, senior adviser Duan Suming said.