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Precast concrete components factory production and processing technology

- May 26, 2018 -

Precast concrete components factory production and processing technology

Precast concrete component factory production and processing technology refers to the production of standard precast concrete components and production of precast concrete components using automated assembly lines, unit assembly lines, and long-term pedestal production lines, and the production of precast concrete components of precast concrete components using fixed table lines to meet the mass production and processing of precast concrete components. Supply requested technology.

Factory production and processing technologies include precast concrete component factory planning and design, various precast concrete component production process design, precast concrete component mold design and processing technologies, mechanized steel processing and forming technology, precast concrete mechanized molding technology, and precast concrete component energy conservation and maintenance technologies. Precast concrete component production quality control technology.

The production technology of non-precast concrete precast concrete components covers concrete technology, steel reinforcement technology, mold technology, reserved pre-embedding technology, pouring and forming technology, component maintenance technology, lifting and transportation, storage and transportation technology, etc. Representative components include truss reinforced precast concrete panels, Beam-column components, shear wallboard components, etc. The production technology of precast concrete precast elements also covers the production technology of pretensioned and post-bonded precast concrete components, in addition to precast concrete circular orifice plates, double T plates, roof beams, roof trusses, roof panels, etc. used in construction projects. Including the precast concrete bridge components in the municipal and highway fields, etc., the precast concrete production process and quality control technologies are mainly studied.