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Precast Concrete Magnet component production technical indicators

- May 27, 2018 -

Precast Concrete Magnet component production technical indicators

Industrialized scientific management, automated intelligent production brings quality assurance and improvement; component appearance size processing accuracy can reach ±2mm, concrete strength standard deviation is not more than 4.0MPa, reserved embedded size accuracy can reach ±1mm, protective layer thickness The control deviation is ±3mm, and the pre-stress and elongation value deviation control ensure that the arching of the pre-stressed components satisfies the design requirements and is at the same level, and the bearing capacity of the components meets the design and specification requirements.

The geometrical precision control of Precast Concrete Magnet components, concrete strength control, precision of embedded parts, bearing capacity of components, thickness control of protective layers, prestressing requirements of prestressed components, etc. shall be in accordance with the design (including the standard atlas) and related standards. Provisions.

The efficiency indicators, cost indicators, energy consumption indicators, environmental indicators, and safety indicators for the production of Precast Concrete Magnet components shall meet the relevant requirements.

Scope of application

Suitable for all types of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete Precast Concrete Magnet components in construction projects.

Project case

Beijing Vanke Golden Domain musk Precast Concrete Magnet wall panels and laminates, (Beijing) COFCO Vanke Changyang Peninsula Precast Concrete Magnet wall panels, staircases, laminated panels and balcony panels, Shenyang Huisheng security housing Precast Concrete Magnet wall panels, laminates and stairs, National Stadium (Bird's Nest ) The stands, the National Tennis Center Precast Concrete Magnet hanging boards, the grandstands of the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center stadium, the Olympic Sports Center of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, the Precast Concrete Magnet external wall panels and flooring, the Jinan Vanke International Precast Concrete Magnet external wall panels and the laminated floors, ( (Changchun) FAW Technology Center Precast Precast Concrete Magnet Wall Panels and Double T Plates, Wuhan Qintai Culture and Art Center Precast Concrete Magnet Concrete Exterior Wall Panels, Hebei Huailai Gannan Wine Factory Precast Concrete Magnet Colored Concrete External Wall Panels, Power Supply Bureau Production Base Precast Concrete Magnet Columns , roof panels and crane beams, Precast Concrete Magnet T-beams and box beams for municipal roads, Precast Concrete Magnet segments, Precast Concrete Magnet pipe corridors, etc.