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Effect of Construction Technology on Precast Concrete Components and Control

- May 25, 2018 -

Effect of Construction Technology on Precast Concrete Components and Control

(a) Vibrant

When using a plug-in vibrator, the moving distance should not exceed 15 times the vibrating rod's working radius, and the side-mold should maintain a minimum distance of 5cm; when a plate vibrator is used, the displacement should be the same distance so that the vibrator plate can cover the vibrated plate. The actual part of l0cm is appropriate; when using a vibrating table, the best vibration time is determined by tests according to the amplitude and frequency of the vibrating table. To grasp the correct vibration time, vibrate the concrete to the site until it is dense. The solid sign is: The concrete stops sinking, bubbles no longer appear, and the surface is flat and flooded. The


The prefabricated component can be removed only when the concrete reaches a given strength and the angularity is not damaged. Take care when removing the mold to avoid excessive damage to the components. After removing the mold, if there are a few parts that are not smooth and the corners are not uniform, proper trimming can be performed in time. The


After the removal of the mold, maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations to achieve the design strength. Avoid dry shrinkage and cracks on the surface of the cast concrete after curing is not in place, affecting the appearance of the preform. When the temperature is lower than 5°C, insulation measures should be taken to cover the concrete surface.