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What Are Precast Concrete Piles?

- Apr 15, 2018 -

What Are Precast Concrete Piles?

Precast concrete piles are prefabricated high-strength prestressed concrete columns that are struck by soil through adjustable hydraulic or diesel hammers.

The Construction sequence

1. Precast concrete pile positioning

2. Drive the pile into the soil with an impact hammer (diesel or hydraulic drop hammer). Special wood packaging or synthetic pads provide adequate protection for the pile head during driving.


Through the drive control achieved by the measuring device, the depth of the pile into the resistive soil layer is equal to twice the diameter of the pile.

Through the integrity measurement, driving performance and performance can be well controlled.

Field of application

The ideal solution can be cost-effectively driven under uniform geotechnical conditions and can carry low to medium loads

In order to determine the nature and behavior of the soil layer, a large number of preliminary soil surveys are required

Wide range of applications

Considering the prefabrication and delivery time of the prefabricated pile, the size of the pile depends on the determined pile load and the pre-construction soil conditions.

This is a suitable solution for soil profiles with very weak resistance to the upper strata. It can be expected that excessive concrete will be used when installing cast-in-place piles.

Impact on the environment

Request a piling license

Noise pollution

No soil removal (soil drain pile)

A stable, dry and flat working platform is required, and the passage of goods is also very convenient (these piles produced at the factory are delivered on site)

Technical specifications

Section size currently varies between 180 x 180mm2 and 450 x 450mm2

It is possible to use mechanical interlocking joints to connect

Maximum length depends on road section and traffic possibilities

High quality concrete, usually prestressed

Soil displacement pile with a smooth shaft

Allowable load capacity between 325 and 2.050 kN

The tweezers are device dependent: up to 1⁄3 of the tilting pile

Quick installation