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What Are Precast Concrete Floors

- Apr 15, 2018 -

What Are Precast Concrete Floors

Precast concrete composite flooring is a high quality, economical concrete floor structure that requires long span and/or high load carrying capacity.


Suspended concrete floors are constructed using prestressed wood planks supported by masonry walls or supporting steel frame structures. A structural concrete screed is then laid on the floor of the board to provide a strong floor that can withstand very high loads.


The concrete composite floor constructed in our widelab board system is suitable for the ground to the top floor.

Wideslab Flooring - Manufacturing

The independent prefabricated floor units are manufactured using a long-term prestressing system, which minimizes costs and production time.


Services, pipes, and pipe openings can all be poured into the precast concrete floor during the manufacturing phase, rather than being cut in place, to ensure better surface finish and less downtime during construction.


The wet-casting system also enables precise placement of shear-connected rebar during manufacturing and cutting time at the site.


Similar to traditional hollow floor systems, the gating system can also cast special width floor bars by size rather than cut from inventory.

Suspended concrete surface - advantages of composite materials

Laminate flooring has been delivered to the site ready for use. Our professional widelab lifting system is not only safe, but also quick and easy to eliminate board damage caused by choke chain chains. During the production process, the lifting inserts are put into the unit, and then these lifting points are used to process the boards again in the factory.


The wide floor lift system also eliminates the need to fix a single ground beam to its final location, which is typically a hollow floor lifted with a chain or beam clamp.


The accurate first placement means that the ground equipment is in its final position before the crane hook is released. As a result, our prefabricated concrete wide planks are ideally suited for modern high-U construction projects where the support walls are constructed from autoclaved inflation blocks, such as the Thomas Armstrong Airtec block system using the latest thin joint technology.