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Prefabricated component quality control

- May 15, 2018 -

Prefabricated component quality control

1. Installation and construction

1) Preparation

(1) Check the number of component models and the quality of components before installation.

(2) Check the connecting steel bars according to the design requirements, and the offset of their position shall not be greater than ±10mm. All the embedded parts and connecting steel bars are adjusted and straightened to remove the surface laitance.

(3) The surface of the prefabricated component is cleaned.

2) Installation of prefabricated components

(1) The strength of the concrete when installing the precast concrete components shall not be less than 75% of the designed strength grade of the concrete under the same conditions.

(2) Copying and leveling control of the installation project

a. The building adopts the “internal control method” to take off the line, control piles at the base layer of the building according to the set axis, and use the optical plummet or theodolite to conduct control of the control axis of the above buildings.

b. Set 1 to 2 benchmark levels for each building, and determine the control level on the first floor and column.

c. According to the control axis and the control horizontal line, the vertical and horizontal axes of the building are successively released, and the detailed position lines and control lines of the prefabricated panels of this layer are released according to the control axes of each layer, and the numbers are marked in the detailed position lines of the prefabricated panels.

d. Adjust the line-feeding error from one axis to the other in the middle of the building. The axis deviation should not exceed 2mm.

3) Precast concrete member mounting connection

(1) Before installing the floor slab, sit after the slurry. It is forbidden to move after the floor is positioned. When adjusting the height difference, use the jack leveler.

(2) When lifting prefabricated components, the lifting position is vertical and stable, the angle between the sling and the horizontal line is not less than 600, and it is slowly placed in position when falling.

4) Control of concrete pouring

(1) Before the concrete is poured, the surface of the base layer must be cleaned, and the cavity in the post-casting belt is cleaned with a high-power vacuum cleaner. Before the concrete is poured, the base layer and the post-poured belt must be fully moistened with water.

(2) Cast-in-situ concrete reinforcements shall be placed after the steel anchors and steel reinforcements are installed for inspection.

(3) The concrete template of the post-casting belt section and the laminated plate section is a multilayer plywood.

(4) Concreting the post-concrete concrete and strengthening it during the pouring process.