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Precast Concrete Tower

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Precast Concrete Tower

For decades, the water tower has become a high starting point for cities and towns throughout the country. They are sometimes even used as a blank canvas depicting local culture, local companies or communities that are well known.

Despite this, the core of the water tower is very practical and necessary. They provide the water pressure needed in the surrounding area and provide enough water for typical day use. In order to achieve the required water pressure, a prefabricated concrete water tower requires that the strength of the building material is sufficient to safely reach the prescribed height. In the past, this was usually steel, but precast concrete may soon become the material of choice because of its inherent advantages of economy, strength, durability, uniformity, quality, and ease of installation.

The Hamilton Form published one such project in Ontario, Canada, in its Winter Edition of the Form + Function quarterly 2012. The article cites the use of pre-cast concrete for long-term use of water tanks and outlines why it may be the preferred material for water towers. The base of the characteristic tower consists of 16 conical prefabricated parts, and the platform or shank is also made of precast concrete.

As the economic downturn drags down, sales of traditional precast concrete products continue to lag, and precast makers are increasingly finding new markets that these versatile products can satisfy. Examples of prefabricated alternatives to other materials are becoming more common, such as the Indianapolis Super Bowl Walk project in the Fall 2011 Precast Solutions magazine. In addition, the factory is undertaking more customized projects or starting an updated product line to better meet the changing needs of the community.

Whatever you need, precast concrete can always meet the challenge. With an array of possible shapes, sizes, colors and surfaces, as well as durability, strength and quality, there is no other building material that can match the functionality and versatility of precast concrete.