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Before the installation of prefabricated components Site preparation

- May 05, 2018 -

Before the installation of prefabricated components Site preparation

1) Determine the lifting plan according to the plane conditions at the construction site. Plan the on-street transport roads and determine the location of the temporary storage site components.

2) According to the prefabricated components lifting and construction requirements, determine the form of scaffolding on site. If the outside rack is used, the position of the reserved steel channel and the position of the opening are given, and the wall reflects the pouring position.

3) Reserve the position of the payout hole in the floor slab, and reserve a 20cm x 20cm square hole directly above the corresponding four corner points outside the current floor so that the theodolite can reference the lower reference point when positioning the payline on the upper axis. According to the planned baseline and benchmarks, a composite inspection of the control lines, control points, and elevations of the introduced floors will be carried out.

4) Mark the axis position on the prefabricated component to facilitate the control of the installation direction.

5) Determine the position of the prefabricated shear wall bars in the first floor. Before the installation of the inner and outer wall components of the ground floor, confirm the position of the reserved wall of the wall with the component processing plant. Fix the reinforcement bar position according to the upper mold of the factory-prepared wall body, and use the same main steel bar design as the shear wall design to weld the ladder bars. During the construction of the site, the first row of main ribs of the ladder ribs shall be controlled. After welding, the type, size, position, spacing, and exposed length of the ribs shall be checked and accepted.

6) Prefabricated components and the concrete foundation joint surface Before the installation of the components, the work of cutting hair, removing the surface laitance and watering the wet is performed according to the concrete construction joints.