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What is Precast Concrete Column?

- Apr 18, 2018 -

What is Precast Concrete Column?

Precast concrete columns may be single or double height. The method of connecting to the pedestal and the upper column may vary by manufacturer. The base connection can be passed through the base plate attached to the column or through reinforcing bars protruding from the ends of the column to the subsequently filled mortar sleeve. Alternatively, a column can be placed in a prefabricated hole in the base block and grouted in place.

The column-column connection can be achieved by means of a threaded rod connected with a suitable connector; the concrete is then cast onto the dimensions of the cylindrical cross-section. Alternatively, rods in grout sleeves as described above may be used. This leads to tapering between the columns, whereas previous methods required deeper stitches. The connection may be between floors, a reverse bend point or the ground.

The pillars provide the necessary support for the ends of the prefabricated beams (arch or cast steel parts). There will also be some form of connection to provide beam-column torque connections and continuity. For the inner column, this may be due to the rebar being passed from one beam through the hole to the other beam. For the sidebar, some form of bracket or sleeve is needed.

During the installation process, the columns must be supported until they are stabilized by the necessary connection with the beam and the plate.