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Precast concrete toilet

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Precast concrete toilet


Parks in Alberta and Canadian parks are transforming the infrastructure of most aging provincial parks. Part of this process involves the replacement of most of the existing toilet/outbuilding structures, because these structures are in poor condition or are aging to be beyond repair. Most of the buildings to be replaced range from 15 to 30 years old. All buildings except the ages are constructed of wood, which means that weathering and elements have an impact on the building, resulting in uneven materials. The appearance and overall completion are many.

TAL solution

In order to maintain the high quality experience of the park visitors, these new facilities must be able to be popularized, designed for high traffic, prevent vandalism, be easy to clean, and help reduce maintenance costs. In addition to quality and safety features, all buildings must be aesthetically pleasing and matched with other concrete buildings that have been replaced around the park. To prevent vandalism and maintain the appearance of the building, the interior and exterior surfaces must be protected with a clear anti-graffiti coating.


Tanks-A-Lot is proud to provide as many key solutions as possible to minimize on-site assembly and processing time, making it easier for general-purpose products and solutions. There is no difference in this project. To minimize processing and on-site assembly time, all prefabricated module parts are produced indoors and stored indoors until fully cured, then stained to the desired surface and shipped to the site for assembly. This minimizes on-site disturbances, reduces on-site time, and eliminates the need to lay down settlement areas because the entire unit can be assembled directly from the truck's deck.

Features and advantages

Custom projection textures and features

Concrete has a longer life cycle than other building materials

Concrete can fight elements better than wood or other building materials

Quick and easy installation

Custom blend design for sulfate, anti-chloride or other desired properties

Different layouts and configurations can be used to match different site configurations