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Precast concrete structure standards have been improved

- Apr 30, 2018 -

Precast concrete structure standards have been improved


While research on Precast concrete structures has been developed, industry laws and regulations have also been issued and issued, and relevant technical standards have also been improved and improved. Today's industry standards are no longer a mixed bag, but all aspects, complete and clear, which is conducive to the development of building industrialization.


At present, according to the technical standards for the design, construction, and acceptance of Precast concrete structures, the state has formulated specific laws and regulations to regulate them.


More detailed examples include the following legal documents, for example: GB/T 51129-2015 Industrial Construction Evaluation Standards. , JGJ1-2014 "Technical Specification for Assembled Concrete Structures", JGJ224-2010 "Technical Specification for Precast Prestressed Concrete Assembled Monolithic Frame Structures" and other documents, which clearly define Precast concrete structure standards to ensure concrete The quality of the structure of the project meets the standards to ensure the quality of the building and the safety of the people.