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Precast Concrete product protection

- May 08, 2018 -

Precast Concrete product protection


1. The Precast Concrete components pay attention to the protection of the finished products during the unloading and lifting process, with emphasis on the protection of the upper and lower parts of the Precast Concrete components.

1) When the components are shipped, transported, and stacked on site, they should be placed on dedicated racks and rubber mats should be provided on the racks. During transportation, components must be tightly bound to avoid collisions.

2) In the field hoisting, it is forbidden to hit the components with a hook and control the height and speed of the drop of the hook.


2. Finished product protection during construction

1) When the wall is grouted, the grouting material that has fallen on the ground shall be cleared and dried in time. Mixing material to finish the work clear;

2) Stair stacker beam formwork ensures tightly that the post-concrete concrete does not leak through the slurry and drips onto the installed Precast Concrete components.

3) Precast Concrete finished stair elements are laid with plywood or bamboo rubber sheet on the top to protect the finished product, so that the concrete corners are damaged.