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Precast concrete for parking garages

- May 19, 2018 -

Precast concrete for parking garages

Precast concrete is the preferred building system for parking lots. Precast concrete is a high-performance material that can be easily integrated with other systems and essentially provides the versatility, efficiency, and flexibility needed to meet the long-term needs of multiple hazardous requirements and high-performance structures.


Precast concrete is versatile - Precast offers a range of incredible aesthetic options, whether or not your parking structure needs to be integrated with the surrounding environment, or out of the ordinary. Compared to cast-in-place structures, prefabricated systems also allow more open parking decks and do not require intermediate columns in the parking area. This improves user visibility and security.


High efficiency of Precast concrete - Precast concrete arrives at the site ready for installation and does not require protection against rain, sun, snow, wind or extreme temperatures. This saves time and money and reduces the possibility of changing orders due to winter conditions. Precast concrete is one of the fastest construction speeds in existing building systems. It minimizes disturbance at the project site and maximizes quality at the site. It usually builds cranes and relatively small crews, can work on smaller footprints, and minimizes disruption to surrounding areas.


Precast concrete is elastic - Precast concrete inherently offers high quality and durability, including better freeze-thaw durability, fouling and crack resistance. High-quality concrete and connection systems enable predictable and controlled stress relief, which can be solved with simple maintenance. Casting site structures have random, unpredictable, and often more serious maintenance issues that may lead to structural replacement. Precast concrete also provides inherent fire resistance and does not require additional fire protection.