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Laying of prefabricated laminates on cast-in-place panels

- May 10, 2018 -

Laying of prefabricated laminates on cast-in-place panels

1) After the prefabricated laminated plate members are installed, lay the line pipe on the plate according to the design drawings, and fix the line pipe with iron wire and steel nails. Apply a 40cm long sleeve (inner diameter ≥ laying outer diameter of the line pipe) at the line pipe joint. The connector is inserted bidirectionally and secured with tape. Open the corresponding hole in the prefabricated panel and open the corresponding hole. Then insert the line pipe according to the drawing. Plug the mortar around the line box to prevent the cable box from being sealed when the concrete is poured. Finally, various pipelines are connected to the corresponding pipeline wells.

2) Various embedded functional pipelines must be sealed tightly and meet the national acceptance criteria.

7. Cast-in-place steel bar binding

1) The reinforcement of the lower part of the cast-in-situ slab shall be installed on the prefabricated laminated board. The construction line pipe shall be constructed according to the plan before the installation line pipe has been laid and connected; the upper rebar shall be laid together with the reinforcement of the cast-in-place layer of the superposed board.

2) Bundle after designing and model according to design specifications.

3) In order to ensure the accuracy of the rebar spacing, first draw a pitch line on the prefabricated component and bind it according to the size line.