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Concrete prefabricated building management measures

- May 23, 2018 -

Concrete prefabricated building management measures

1. Preparation stage

(I) Familiar with design drawings and prefabrication plan requirements

The technical staff and the main responsible person of the project department shall determine the production order and delivery plan of the prefabricated components according to the prefabricated parts demand plan at the site and the inventory of the prefabricated plant; familiarize the construction drawings in time, understand the prefabrication intention of the use unit, and understand the prefabrication The size and form of the steel bars and formwork of the components, and the amount of concrete poured and the basic method of pouring, in order to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency and economy in construction. The

(II) Staffing and Management

Prefabricated components are of various types and structures, and should be reasonably arranged according to the workload and construction level of construction workers. In accordance with the construction technical requirements, the emergency of prefabricated component tasks, and the acuteness of the task of construction workers, the construction staff should be properly deployed to participate in reinforcing steel, formwork, and Concrete pouring. It is necessary to constantly educate all employees on the importance of product quality, cost, and schedule so that construction personnel must have a clear and strict post responsibility system. There must be strict rewards and penalties. The

(III) Design of site layout

In order to meet requirements for the use of prefabricated components, convenient transportation, uniform classification, and without affecting the continuity of production of precast components, site leveling and prefabricated component site layout planning are particularly important. The height of the production workshop should fully consider the factors such as the height of the prefabricated parts, the height of the mould, the lifting limit of the lifting equipment, and the weight of the components, and should avoid problems such as overloading of the equipment during prefabrication production and high lifting of the components.