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Better Home Strategy and Ibavi's Expansion of Precast Components Business

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Better Home Strategy and Ibavi's Expansion of Precast Components Business

The Goodwill Property Announcement on the 10th afternoon stated that on February 9th, the company and EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH signed the "strategic cooperation agreement". In the next five years, both parties will cooperate as partners in the Chinese market. Develop and develop the production and application of concrete prefabricated components such as double wall panels and laminated floors.

Pursuant to the cooperation agreement, the two parties agreed that during the cooperation between Eberwell Company and Goodhome, Ebavi will provide multi-faceted technical support to Better Home for a wide range of construction systems and expertise in double-wall and superposed floors. Better Homes will order the production lines of concrete prefabricated components, ie, double wall panels and laminated floors, from Ai Bowei Company year by year. Ebavi will provide corresponding plant equipment and guarantee its production capacity according to specific contracts. This strategic cooperation agreement is based on 5 years and can be extended at any time on the basis of mutual agreement.

Better Home Real Estate stated that the company has established a strategic cooperative relationship with the international leading enterprise in the field of concrete prefabricated component equipment production, Ebavi company, and the company’s holding subsidiary Good Green Construction will act as a concrete implementer of the cooperation project, with “green environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing. "As a goal, we plan to invest and build 50 prefabricated component production lines with advanced international standards in the next five years, further deepen the company's "product industrialization" strategy and strengthen its competitive advantage in the field of fabricated construction. In the long run, it will have a positive impact on the company's future business development and core competitiveness.