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The composition of the template system

- Apr 02, 2018 -

The stencil system consists of two parts, the stencil and the support.

1): The template is a model that shapes the concrete structure or component. The concrete mixed by the mixer is a concrete with a certain fluidity. After the setting and hardening, it can become a structural member with a required shape and size. Therefore, the concrete needs to be poured in a template of the same shape and size as the structural member. As a tool for forming a concrete member, the formwork itself should not only have the same shape and size as the structural member, but also have sufficient strength and rigidity to bear the load and construction load of the newly poured concrete.

2): Support is a support system that ensures the shape, size and spatial position of the template. The support system must ensure that the shape, size, and spatial position of the template are correct and that it also bears all the loads transmitted by the template.