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Forming of components

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Forming of components

Common methods of vibrating are vibration method, extrusion method, centrifugal method, etc., mainly based on vibration method.

1. Vibration method: The member is fabricated by the pedestal method, and the vibrator is vibrated using a plug-in vibrator and a surface vibrator. When the plug-in vibrator is vibrated, it should be inserted in a plum blossom shape, and the spacing should not exceed 300mm. If the prefabricated component requires a clear concrete surface, the insert vibrator cannot cling to the mold surface, otherwise a wand will remain. The method of vibrating the surface vibrator is divided into a static vibrating method and a dynamic vibrating method. The former is fixed on the mold by an attached vibrator, and the latter is provided with a vibrator vibrating on the pressure plate, and is suitable for a flat concrete member not exceeding 200 mm.

2. Extrusion method: It is often used for continuous production of hollow slabs by extrusion, especially when prefabricated lightweight inner partition walls.

3. Centrifugal method: Centrifugal method is to place the template with concrete on the centrifuge, so that the template rotates around its longitudinal axis at a certain speed. The concrete in the template is away from the vertical axis due to the centrifugal force and evenly distributed in the template.