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Technical Requirements For The Production Of Precast Concrete

- Aug 17, 2018 -

1.1 Mold

1.1.1 The mold shall have sufficient rigidity, strength and stability, and meet the component accuracy requirements.

1.1.2 The material used to make the mold should be steel. The material selected should have a quality certificate or inspection report.

1.1.3 After each use of the mold, it should be cleaned up, and no grout and concrete residue should be left.

1.1.4 The surface of the template should be evenly coated with the release agent in addition to the surface of the facing material.

1.2 Rebar

1.2.1 Steel bars shall have product certification, and shall be retested in accordance with the relevant standards. The quality of steel bars must comply with the relevant standards.

1.2.2 The dimensions of the finished steel cage should be accurate. The specifications, quantity, location and binding method of the steel bars should meet the requirements of relevant standards and design documents.

1.2.3 Reinforcement cages shall be padded, suspended, etc. to meet the thickness of the protective layer of each part of the steel.

1.2.4 When the steel bar is put into the mold, it should be straight and free from damage, and the surface should not have oil, granules or flakes.

1.3 Concrete

1.3.1 Cement, aggregate (sand, stone), admixtures, admixtures, etc. for concrete shall be certified by the product, and retested according to the relevant standards, specifying the varieties, specifications, production units, etc. The quality of cement, aggregate (sand, stone), admixture, admixture and water must comply with the relevant standards.

1.3.2 Concrete shall be designed according to the relevant provisions of the national current standard "General Concrete Mixing Ratio Design Code" JGJ55, according to the requirements of concrete strength grade, durability and workability.

1.3.3 The measuring equipment of concrete raw materials shall be reliable in operation and accurate in measurement, and shall be measured or calibrated according to regulations.

1.4 finish

1.4.1 Stone and tile and other facing materials should have a product certificate or factory inspection report, specifying the variety, specifications, production units, etc. The quality of decorative materials such as stone and tile should comply with the relevant standards.

1.4.2 Before the laying of the bricks, the single bricks shall be made into the shaping brick mold kit according to the requirements of the processing drawings of the components.

1.4.3 Before the mold is laid, the treatment agent is applied on the back of the stone 24 hours in advance.

1.4.4 The combination of stone and tile and other facing materials should be firm and empty. The number, location and anti-corrosion treatment of the ear hooks, anchors, etc. of the joint between the stone and the concrete must meet the design requirements.

1.4.5 The surface of the component of the paint finish should be smooth and smooth, the edges and corners should be smooth, and the holes should be filled and repaired for holes larger than 1mm.