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Magnetic Box Features

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Magnetic box features

1, the main purpose and characteristics

Prefabricated concrete mold fixed magnetic box is a magnetic fixing device specially developed for fixing precast concrete formwork.

In the traditional mechanical fixing method such as silk nut, the magnetic box is fixed in structure, convenient in operation, strong in holding power and safe.

Relying on the characteristics, it is conducive to improving labor efficiency, so it is widely used in precast concrete production lines abroad.

As domestic industrial housing development is on the rise, more and more PC component factories have begun to accept and apply magnetic fixtures.

2. Main structure and parameters

This series of template fixed magnetic box is made of high-performance permanent magnet material, which produces strong holding force in the magnetic circuit.

The iron box strengthens and shields the magnetic force of the internal magnetic block, so that the magnetic block is in a working or closed state, and no external power supply is required. When magnetic

When the box is in working state, the suction surface at the bottom of the magnetic block is closely connected to the precast concrete production platform, and is firmly held;

The lever takes up the magnetic block, most of the magnetic force is screened by the iron box, and the magnetic force at the bottom is largely small, and the magnetic box can be separated from the platform by hand.