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What Are The Template Security Checks During Construction?

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Before starting the concrete placement of structural members, the following checks should be made:

1. Check the entire templating system for details from the bottom to the top of the stencil to properly transfer the load in a safe manner.

2. Check work scaffolding, ladders, runways, ramps and intersections.

3. Maintain good management around work areas and channels.

4. Protect the perimeter edge and floor opening.

5. Adequate safe working space.

6. Safety training for workers involved in formwork and concrete works.

7. Use all personal protective equipment (PPE).

8. Check the template, the rigging inserts and connections are properly installed, and regularly check for wear and proper location.

9. Remove all unused and suspended forms exposed to the floor, loose materials, etc.

10. Check that all items and coast are sufficient to handle all loads.

11. Remove defective items.

12. The alignment of the items should be checked, such as the verticality, height and spacing between the items.

13. All items should be placed on the support plate.

14. The props should be placed on a hard support surface.

15. The clip on the adjustable bracket is securely fastened.

16. When one pillar is placed on top of the other pillar, the lateral stability of the template and the joint between the props are completely fixed.

17. Properly support under the stringers and joists at the support points.

18. After exerting sufficient strength in the concrete, remove and remove the props under the concrete slabs and beams.

19. The construction load shall not be placed on newly cast slabs or beams until the formwork or concrete is removed to the required strength.

There can be more templates list, not written here. If you think you have to add anything, please write it down in the comments.