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What Are The Requirements For A Good Concrete Formwork

- Sep 21, 2018 -

What are the requirements for a good concrete formwork

It must be able to withstand all types of death and life

It has almost good waterproof properties, so it does not absorb moisture from concrete.

The entire formwork should be constructed and supported so that the shape does not deform and retain its original shape.

The deviation and contraction should be minimal.

The connection should be tight enough to minimize leakage of the cement slurry.

Templates should be built using different parts. Therefore, the concrete should not be damaged when the template is removed

The material of the template should be inexpensive, easy to obtain, and should be suitable for reuse.

The template should be precisely set to the desired line and the level should have a flat surface.

It should be as light as possible. This is easy to transfer.

The material of the template should not warp or deform when exposed to the component.