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How To Remove The ​formwork Correctly

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Formwork removal is one of the most dangerous jobs on site. If not done well, it will not only affect the structure, but also bring high risks to the labor force working on the spot. Therefore, the following points must be kept in mind when removing the template.

Proper testing (mainly NDT) is performed to determine the strength of the concrete being developed.

First remove the template for the vertical member.

The struts of the soffits are not removed until they are effectively subjected to their own weight and external pressure.

Do not insert the crowbar into the side to remove the formwork as it will damage the edges of the concrete.

Any loose concrete material found at the edges and corners should be removed.

The quality engineer should check the site before removing the formwork to ensure proper conditions.

To ensure worker safety, the weather should be checked for adequate support and work platforms to remove higher altitude templates.

Therefore, based on the above data, we can understand the importance of timely removal of the template and take necessary precautions on site.