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Prefabricated Buildings

- Oct 12, 2018 -

The first prefabricated home was built in the 1600’ in England and was shipped to

Massachusetts . The prefabricated home was not widely used until World War II

when mobile homes were produced to supply housing to military personnel .In order to choose the best home a builder or owner must know the construction methods that are available. It is imperative for people to realize the differences between different types prefabricated homes and what is considered a modular home. In today’s construction of homes multiple techniques are often used to produce the desired results.

A stick built home is built on site by skilled labor . The materials are shipped separately to the home site and nearly the entire home is built at the site. Local codes apply. Some of the assemblies to a site-built home may arrive to the site prefabricated such as roof and floor joists. Although a stick-built home is not considered prefabricated it is included in these definitions because it is the home used in all comparisons.

A prefabricated home consists of several factory built components that are

assembled at the site to complete the unit . Prefabricated homes include modular,

panelized and precut homes.

Today, a modern modular home is made up of two or more three-dimensional

“boxes” that are shipped complete to the site where they are connected together at

These modules are often built with cabinets, plumbing, electrical components, and almost every other component completed, installed, and finished within a factory setting . They must comply with all local and state building codes . Modular homes are shipped 90% complete .