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Introduction of precast concrete magnet

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Precast concrete components

(1) Features

(1) Achieving batch industrial production, saving materials and reducing construction costs;

(2) It has mature construction technology, which is beneficial to ensure the quality of components, especially the production of standard shaped components. The construction conditions of prefabricated components are stable, the construction procedures are standardized, and the quality is easier to ensure than cast-in-place components;

(3) It is possible to prepare for the construction of the project in advance, and the prefabricated components that reach the strength will be installed during the construction, which can speed up the progress of the project and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

(2) Production process

According to the different characteristics of the forming and curing of the tissue components in the production process, the prefabricated component manufacturing process can be divided into three types: the pedestal method, the unit flow method and the conveyor belt method. At present, prefabricated external walls, prefabricated stairs, prefabricated balconies, etc. are still mainly produced by the pedestal method, and some of the prefabricated internal partition wall slabs that have been standardized and produced have realized the unit flow method or the conveyor belt method.

(1) The pedestal pedestal is a concrete floor, tire mold or concrete trough with a smooth surface.

It is a steel structure. The production process of forming, curing, demoulding, etc. of the components is carried out on the pedestal.

(2) Unit flow method The unit flow method is divided into several sections in the workshop according to the requirements of the production process. Each section is equipped with corresponding workers and machine equipment, and the forming, curing and demoulding of the components are produced. The process is completed sequentially in the relevant sections.

(3) The conveyor belt flow template is moved on a conveyor belt that is closed in a ring shape, and each production process is carried out in each work area that is sequentially distributed along the conveyor belt.