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Precast concrete type

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Reinforced concrete structures include cast-in-place monolithic reinforced concrete structures and prefabricated integrated reinforced concrete structures.

Concrete is mainly divided into two stages and states: the plastic state before coagulation hardening, that is, the fresh concrete or concrete mixture; the hard state after hardening, that is, hardened concrete or concrete. Commercial concrete supplies concrete with certain requirements to construction sites in a concentrated manner. It includes processes such as mixing, transporting, pumping and pouring of the mixture. Ready-mixed concrete means that the cement, aggregate, water, and admixtures, mineral admixtures, etc., which are incorporated as needed, are sold at a mixing ratio after being metered and mixed at the mixing station, and are transported. Concrete mix delivered to the place of use during the time. It is often sold as a commodity, so it is also called commercial concrete.

The prefabricated monolithic structure is a structural form in which various reinforced concrete prefabricated members are mechanically installed and assembled according to design requirements. The manufacturing process of prefabricated components includes the fabrication and installation of templates, the fabrication and installation of steel bars, the preparation and transportation of concrete, the vibration and maintenance of components, the release and stacking.

Refers to the prefabricated concrete members that have been fabricated before the installation on the construction site. Commonly used are precast concrete floor slabs, concrete box girder for bridges, precast concrete truss girder for industrial plant, culvert frame structure, precast concrete pile for foundation treatment. Wait.