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GME Rotary Rings GME Swivel Ring

- Oct 22, 2018 -


With the vigorous development of domestic mold industry, rotating rings have been greatly promoted and applied. The main users are mold factories, construction units, machinery factories and so on. The new wind power industry has a stronger demand for rotating rings. The traditional DIN 580 hoisting ring screw can only be hoisted at 0 degrees, and the hoisting angle should not exceed 45 degrees on the side, otherwise it will be dangerous to break. 45 degree loss strength 70%, 90 degree loss 75% (refer to GB825 and DIN580 standards), in the hoisting safety more and more pay attention to today, revolving ring with its flexible, safe, durable performance, will be better than DIN 580 rings, for more lifting areas.

The product is equipped with ball bearings for rotating and rotating heavy loads, which can rotate 360 degrees under load and rotate 180 degrees fulcrum around the shaft; bearing, safety factor is 4; hanging ring eye, manufacturing grade 80, through 100% crack detection and verification load test, meet the DINEN 1677-4 standard; surface plating up to crown treatment increased Corrosion resistance of products.

Product characteristics:

1. The main material is imported 42CrMo alloy steel, which has better toughness and fatigue resistance than domestic similar products.

2, 12.9 grade high strength bolts, 6G accuracy, blackening and rust proof treatment, ensure thread through regulation inspection.

3. The production carries out EN1677 standard. Since 2005, it has been exported to Europe and the United States and passed the G80 product test in European and American laboratories.

4 and 1.5 times work load, 20 thousand fatigue tests were completed.

5, 2 times experimental load, 4 times breaking tensile test.

6, 100% magnetic particle inspection.

7, custom thread can be customized according to customer needs.