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GME Embedded Anchor Chuck

- Oct 19, 2018 -

Traditionally, the fixed method of embedded parts is to weld or tie the embedded parts to the steel mesh, or even drill holes in the formwork. This process is complicated and time-consuming, and requires welding workers to have better welding skills.So, if we use embedded parts. It is important to reduce the cost of prefabricated components by using magnetic fixing device to avoid damaging rigid platform, prolong the life of die and reduce the input of die.

GME series of fixed suckers for embedded anchor bolts are designed according to international standard specifications. The anchoring bolt of the embedded part can be fixed at any position of the die platform to produce flexibly.

The R&D Department of our company further improves the foreign magnetic fixture products, making the materials less, more attractive, lower cost.

GME embedded anchor chuck GME embedded anchor chuck

GME embedded anchor chuck