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Component maintenance

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Component maintenance

 (1) The maintenance methods of prefabricated components include natural conservation, steam curing, hot-mixed concrete hot mold maintenance, solar energy conservation, and far-infrared curing, etc., mainly in natural conservation and steam maintenance.

 (2) The cost of natural conservation is low, simple and easy, but the maintenance time is long, the template turnover rate is low, and the occupation field is occupied.

The land is big.

(3) Steam curing can shorten the curing time, the template turnover rate is correspondingly increased, and the occupied space is greatly reduced.

(iv) Steam curing is to place the components in a curing room (or kiln) with saturated steam or a mixture of steam and air, and to maintain it in a higher temperature and humidity environment to accelerate the hardening of the concrete to make it shorter. The specified intensity standard value is reached within the time.

 (5) The steam curing effect is related to the steam curing system, which includes the rest time before curing, heating and

Cooling speed, curing temperature, constant temperature curing time, relative humidity, etc. The process of steam curing can be divided into four stages: static stop, warming, constant temperature and cooling. When steam curing, the maximum temperature of concrete surface should not be higher than 65 °C, and the temperature rise should not be higher than 20 °C/h. Otherwise, the concrete surface should be fine. crack.