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Precast Concrete: Magnet Maintenance Manual By GME

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Magnet Maintenance Manual.png

    GME Precast Concrete Magnet is a magnetic fixing device specially developed for fixing prefabricated concrete mould form. Compared with the traditional bolt fixing method, the Precast Concrete Magnet has the characteristics of quick disassembly and assembly, flexible operation and strong fixing force, which effectively improves labor efficiency and reduces the wastage of the die table has been widely used at home and abroad.

1. In the use of Precast Concrete Magnet, debris should be avoided at the bottom, affecting the adsorption force of Precast Concrete Magnet and mold bases.

Our company's Precast Concrete Magnet is made of high-performance rare earth permanent magnets and produce strong magnetic adsorption in the magnetic circuit.

When the Precast Concrete Magnet is in working condition, the suction surface at the bottom of the magnetic block closely fits on the steel die platform and is firmly held. However, when foreign matter (such as concrete, grease, and thin film) at the bottom of the magnet block cannot be brought into close contact with the platform, the holding force will be significantly reduced.

2. Cleaning advice

Before using the Precast Concrete Magnet, check whether the bottom of the magnetic block and the platform are clean and flat. If there is a foreign matter on the bottom of the Precast Concrete Magnet, it can be cleaned with a stainless steel scraper (the iron scraper will be adsorbed and cannot be cleaned). If there are concrete or other substances that cannot be cleaned easily, it can be cleaned with a grinder. As shown in the figure below, the wire polisher is installed on the grinder and the bottom of the magnet is polished.

3. Gently handle, to prevent the magnet inside the Precast Concrete Magnet damaged

Because the high-performance permanent magnet material used for magnets is sintered from rare earth materials, its texture is similar to that of ceramics, it is hard and brittle, and it is easy to crack.

Therefore, during the use of Precast Concrete Magnet, it is necessary to prevent them from being thrown or snagged, and they cannot be thrown at a long distance when the mold is removed. Avoid the use of hard tools (such as iron hammer) knocking, bruising, etc., resulting in Precast Concrete Magnet deformation.

4. Precast Concrete Magnet collection suggestions

After the Precast Concrete Magnet is used, it should be cleaned and placed on the stainless steel cart to keep the Precast Concrete Magnet clean and convenient for the next use. Precast Concrete Magnet should not be placed on iron cars so as not to suck them up.

5. Magnetic storage recommendations

The ambient temperature used and stored in the Precast Concrete Magnet should not be higher than 80°C, and there should be no corrosive medium such as strong acid or alkali.

    In summary, as long as the above measures for protection, clean-up, and prevention of knocking are carried out, we believe that GME's Precast Concrete Magnet must be durable and trustworthy!