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Better Home For The World's Largest Prefabricated Component Production Base

- Jun 05, 2018 -

“I am very optimistic about the production technology of Erbavi's “double skin wall” prefabricated prefabricated components. Its production efficiency and production cost are at the leading level in the world,” Liu Daoming said in an interview with a special reporter from China Real Estate News.

In November 2016, after being investigated and studied in Germany, Good Homeowner Chairman Liu Daoming decided to introduce the technology and production line from Abbawi in Germany in consideration of its technological leadership and its wide application in the world. Strengthen the implementation of green building strategy.

Ai Bawei Company, an international leader in the production of concrete prefabricated component equipment, has been engaged in the manufacturing of reinforced concrete prefabricated component production line equipment for more than 50 years. Aibowei company and its parent company Puri Group from 1998 to 2014, provided nearly 130 concrete prefabricated component production lines in 30 countries around the world.

In early 2017, Nice Landmark Group signed a green building technology cooperation and equipment purchase agreement with the German Iberwivel/Prème Group. From 2017 to 2021, Better Land Group plans to invest 10 billion yuan to introduce 50 of the world’s most advanced technologies in batches. Assembly building production line.

It is understood that the first production base of Better Home has been selected in the General Motors Industrial Park in Hongshan District, Wuhan City. In 2017, Good Home Investment Group will invest RMB 1 billion to build 4 production lines and plans to complete trial production by the end of the year. After production, it can produce 10 million square meters of laminated plates each year, which can meet the construction requirements of 3 million square meters of fabricated buildings. The annual sales revenue is 12 billion yuan, and the tax revenue is nearly 1 billion yuan. The scale of a single plant ranks first in the world and China ranks first.

Experts in the industry believe that if the cooperation plan is implemented as scheduled, Better Life Group will create the world's largest production base of fabricated prefabricated components.

"Product Industrialization" Strategy

On February 8, 2017, approved by the first temporary shareholders' meeting in 2017, the company jointly invested RMB 1 billion with Affiliate Beauty Construction Co., Ltd. to establish Wuhan Wonderful Green Building Technology Co., Ltd. As a holding subsidiary of the company, Wonderful Green Construction will serve as a concrete implementation partner and will establish a strategic cooperation relationship with the international leading enterprise in the field of concrete prefabricated component equipment production, Ai Bawei Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., and plans to be in the country within the next five years. Invest and build 50 prefabricated component production lines with international advanced level to further deepen the company's "product industrialization" strategy and strengthen the company's competitive advantage in the field of fabricated construction.

Ai Bawei company is a subsidiary company of German Puri Group. It is a professional manufacturer of complete sets of reinforced concrete prefabricated equipment. Its products are mainly used to produce precast reinforced concrete slabs, solid wall panels, double wall panels and sandwich insulation wall panels. Production line.

On February 9th, 2017, Goodhome and Ebavi officially signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement." In the next five years, both parties will work together to develop and develop concretes such as double-wall panels and superposed floors in the Chinese market. Prefabricated component production and application.

“This signing will be the beginning of another leap forward development for the beautiful group.” Cao Bin, vice president of the China Building Standard Design and Research Institute, said at the signing ceremony: “We have witnessed the pioneering and leading role of prefabricated building technology. The beautiful real estate group's rapid development in the field of prefabricated construction.In recent years, the beautiful home industry group has developed with the independent research and development of industrial production bases and assembly-type project construction, deep cultivation in the field of prefabricated construction, has achieved extraordinary results; The prefabricated prefabricated concrete shear wall structure construction process method has reached the domestic leading level and the international advanced level.”

It is reported that as early as in 2013, Better Home has taken "product industrialization" as an important development strategy. Since then, it has continued to make efforts in the direction of green building and building industry modernization. It has successively landed pilot projects in Shenyang and Wuhan; Preparation of prefabricated building technical standards; completion of prefabricated concrete construction engineering methods, the construction method has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level.