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Two New Production Bases For Precast Concrete Buildings In Lu'an

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Two New Production Bases for Precast concrete Buildings in Lu'an

According to reports from Lu'an News, since this year, large-scale precast concrete building companies Baoye Group and Broadstay have successively laid out the city and set up a production base for precast concrete precast concrete structures to assist the city in the development of fabricated buildings. Up to now, the number of precast concrete structural building production enterprises in our city has reached 5, and the annual production capacity of precast concrete components is about 2 million square meters, which indicates that the production of precast concrete components of precast concrete buildings in our city has been initially formed.

Baoye Group and Yuanda Sumitomo Co., Ltd. are large-scale precast concrete general contracting construction companies with the ability to integrate precast concrete building design, construction, and production of precast concrete components. Many precast concrete buildings have been built in China. It is worth noting that this time, Baoye Group set up a production base in Yeji, which has a total construction area of nearly 70,000 square meters, and annual production of about 500,000 square meters of precast concrete components. Not only is the base building fully constructed and fully integrated. The concept of green building provides a demonstration and guidance for the construction of a green ecological demonstration area in the east of Yeji. At the same time, the assembly-type construction of the Yeji District fire brigade project undertaken by Baoye Group was also started simultaneously with the base.