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Guiyang City Launches First Precast Concrete Building Transporter

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Guiyang City Launches First Precast Concrete Building Transporter

On April 24th, 2018, Guizhou Green Building Industrial Building Development Co., Ltd. officially opened the first precast concrete precast concrete building transporter in the province. It is a precast concrete component of the exhibition building project of Guizhou Construction Vocational Technology Institute. The transport vehicle has a loading space of 9m, a height of 3.75m, and a width of 1.5m and is mainly responsible for the transportation of the factory's interior and exterior wallboards as well as the higher precast concrete wallboards. At present, most precast concrete building components factories in China adopt traditional flat-bed trucks to transport precast concrete precast concrete components, which has the problems of time-consuming and labor-consuming, easily-damaged components, large-size transport components, and traffic safety. The precast concrete transporter of innovative precast concrete constructions in our city has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, and high economic efficiency compared with conventional flatbeds. The use of this transporter marks the city’s solid progress in the field of building industrialization and housing industrialization. One step.

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Guizhou Green Building Industrial Building Development Co., Ltd. was established by the Guiyang Jinyang Construction Investment Group as the first assembled concrete structure manufacturing enterprise in the city. In 2017, it was listed as the country's first assembly-type construction industrial base. At present, the city is making every effort to promote the construction of industrialization. The city has built, under construction and is preparing to build a total of 5 assembly-type building industrial bases. 17 projects have been listed as the first batch of demonstration demonstration projects in Guizhou Province. In the next step, the Urban Housing and Urban Development Bureau will actively implement the spirit of the national and provincial documents, strengthen the supervision and guidance in accordance with the work plan of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, steadily promote the development of assembly-type buildings throughout the city, and promote the construction industry, information, and industrialization. Integration, speed up the construction of a fair and sharing innovative center city.

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