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Do not use screws to secure the template, as this will damage your grinding machine. Try our shuttering magnet. The size of the mold can be adjusted, the suction is strong and does not move, and can be reused without damaging the grinding machine.

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Fourth, fixed magnetic box and industrialization of construction

The industrialization of buildings is characterized by component standardization, factoryization, and batch production of prefabricated assembly lines. The key link is the improvement of production efficiency. The most important component production line efficiency is reflected in the production cycle (that is, the time required for each process to complete the next coordinated work). The length of the production tact time depends on the longest time in the production process, and the production process is proved on site. The most time-consuming part of the process lies in the mold disassembly process. It is an inevitable trend to use a fixed magnetic box to fix the side mold on the production line and the fixed die table (see the comparison of the next working hours).


Component factory



Die table size



Single component loading time



10 hours of modulus per day



Molding worker



Traditional component factory


Molding using traditional methods















Industrial Component Factory 

Mounting with a fixed magnetic box














Common problem:

How large a magnetic box (prefabricated member magnetic fixture) is suitable

First of all, I think it is necessary to use a template that does not use a template to select a suitable suction size according to the production of different components. If the suction is not enough, the template is not fixed firmly, affecting the quality of the components, it is not worth the loss.

The above two are the process production comparisons of the more powerful component factories in China. The use of fixed magnetic boxes and industrial production line speeds is 7.27 times that of traditional method loading! The convenience of disassembly and assembly, manual, mold table and mold re-use rate are improved, and the comprehensive benefits of fixed magnetic box are obvious.

It can be seen that the prefabricated component production line, or the batch fixed die table member production, is the best choice for using the fixed magnetic box to disassemble the side mold.

Five, the use of matters needing attention:

1. The tightening nut should not be lowered. Otherwise, the magnetic box body will be opened too close to the joint surface, resulting in insufficient adsorption and edge displacement.

2. The steel mold surface on which the magnetic box is placed should be flat. It should be cleaned and cleaned before use. There should be no concrete residue or other particulate matter, so as not to affect the adhesion of the magnetic core and the mold base, which will affect the fixing strength.

3. The magnetic core contact surface should be cleaned before and after the magnetic box is used. There should be no concrete and iron filings stuck to it, which affects the adsorption force.

4, often clean the concrete stuck on the joint and apply oil, regularly add oil to the guide position to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the core.

5. It is forbidden to hit the fit with a hard object such as a hammer, or drop it to the surface of the steel at a high place. Otherwise, the strong adsorption force of the magnetic core itself may damage the use of the box, or even cause the core to be misaligned and damage the magnetic box.

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