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What are the advantages of bulk cement relative to bagged cement in prefabricated components?

- Jul 26, 2018 -

What are the advantages of bulk cement relative to bagged cement in prefabricated components?

1 technology, management content is higher. For example, cement grinding stability should be 100% qualified.

2 Transportation and storage with special equipment, good sealing performance, cement does not deteriorate during storage period. According to the test, the bulk cement experienced 13 months, the cement label did not drop; after 12 months of storage of the bagged cement, the strength decreased by 30-50%, and there was the possibility of moisture, moisture and agglomeration.

3 Bulk cement is delivered directly to the user from the production plant (or transfer station) through special transportation means. The circulation channel is formal and clear, and adulterated or sub-filled inorganic can be used to ensure quality.


The so-called commercial concrete (also known as ready-mixed concrete) refers to the proportion of components such as cement, aggregate (sand, stone), water and admixtures and admixtures blended as needed, at a certain concentration in the mixing station. After mixing, the concrete mixture is sold to the place of use and sold to the place of use within a specified time. The advantages are:

1 The production process strictly enforces national and industry standards to ensure the quality of concrete;

2 Adding admixtures and admixtures as needed, flexibly adjusting the initial setting time and slump of concrete to ensure the production of high-grade concrete, thus avoiding the “fat beam, fat column, thick plate” of building engineering and expanding the building Effective space

3 can provide a large amount of concrete at any time to ensure the construction site's requirements for the progress of the construction period;

4 pumping construction, can carry out high-rise, a certain range of operations, improve efficiency, and make continuous and seamless construction of mass concrete;

5 Fully enclosed production, to avoid noise and dust pollution to the urban environment, and also to avoid the blockage of sand, stone and other sewers caused by on-site mixing of concrete, with good environmental benefits;

6 Reduce the floor space of building site materials, avoid traffic jams, avoid the current situation of “building a building and damaging a road”, keep the construction environment clean and tidy, and realize civilized construction;

7 It is conducive to promoting the development of concrete to high strength, special effects, high performance and durability, and is conducive to the continuous updating of construction equipment and the continuous advancement of technology;

8 is conducive to the further development of bulk cement business.

1. Pre-mixed plant process equipment and process quality control can produce high quality concrete;

2. It can save 10% of the cement comprehensive cost because: a. Measured accurately, b. Saving packaging materials and unpacking costs, c. Bulk cement is sealed and transported during the production process of the mixing station to avoid waste, d. Use admixtures, replace cement with equal amounts, and reduce costs.

3. Reduce pollution to the environment a. Noise b. Dust c. Installation of residual concrete sand separator

4. It can prepare special concrete, such as vibration-free self-compacting self-leveling concrete.

5. Reduce labor intensity

6. Large-scale production, continuous supply of large quantities of concrete,

7. Large-scale concrete construction can be completed at a small construction site.

8. The modernization of the use of bulk cement marks the level of industrialization of construction and improves the market competitiveness of construction enterprises.