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What Are The Basic Requirements For Quality Inspection Of Fabricated Components?

- Sep 18, 2018 -

1 Quality inspection during the production of prefabricated components may be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant sections of this specification.

2 Newly manufactured, modified and repaired molds should be inspected before use. Reused standard mode.Appearance quality and critical dimensional deviation should be checked before each use.

3 The appearance quality, dimensional deviation and structural performance of the prefabricated components shall comply with the design requirements and relevant provisions of the relevant national standards. Site defects and parts exceeding the allowable dimensional deviation shall be treated according to the repair plan and shall be re-examined for acceptance.Prefabricated components must not have appearance defects that affect structural performance or assembly and use functions. For the general defects that exist, special repair materials should be used for repair and surface treatment according to the patching requirements.

4 After the prefabricated components produced by the factory have passed the inspection, the certificate shall be filled. The certificate should be inspected when the component comes into play.

5 The performance of fittings, connecting parts and supporting materials in the construction of assembled structures shall comply with the relevant provisions of the design documents and relevant national standards.

6 The joint construction of the assembled structure shall be checked for concealed works one by one, and the hidden engineering inspection records shall be filled out.

7 Inspection of the appearance quality and dimensional deviation of the fabricated structure shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the cast-in-place concrete structure. Assembled structures with decorative or insulation requirements shall meet the requirements of relevant building decoration and energy conservation standards.