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What Are The Basic Prefabricated Components Of A Prefabricated Concrete Structure

- Sep 13, 2018 -

prefabricated components.png

The basic prefabricated components of a prefabricated concrete structure are classified according to the characteristics and properties of the components that make up the building, including:

A. Prefabricated floor slab 

including prefabricated solid board, prefabricated hollow slab, prefabricated slab, prefabricated balcony

B. Prefabricated beams 

including prefabricated solid beams, prefabricated composite beams, prefabricated U-beams

C. Prefabricated walls 

including prefabricated solid shear walls, prefabricated hollow walls, prefabricated laminated shear walls, prefabricated non-bearing walls

D. Prefabricated column 

including prefabricated solid column, prefabricated hollow column

E. Prefabricated stairs 

prefabricated stair sections, prefabricated rest platforms

F. Other complex shaped components

prefabricated bay window, prefabricated bay window outer wall, prefabricated corner outer wall, prefabricated whole kitchen bathroom, prefabricated air conditioning board, etc