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The Function Of Magnet In The Precast Component Production Process

- Sep 29, 2018 -

PC is the abbreviation of reinforced concrete prefabricated parts, is the development trend of assembled housing construction, this building mode is more standardized, mechanized, automated, PC production line can realize the mass production of residential prefabricated components, is the traditional site cast-in-situ decentralized work, transferred to the factory prefabricated processing, and then transported to the site. To a great extent, it saves manpower and material resources, and it is also a simpler and more standardized construction process to improve work efficiency. Among them, precast concrete magnet plays an important role in improving work efficiency.

Prefabricated concrete magnet is a kind of magnetic component, which is used to make and produce prefabricated concrete wallboard. Its main function is to fix the formwork and prevent concrete from spilling through the strong adsorption of magnet. Just like what the picture shows. It can be seen that the application of prefabricated concrete magnet greatly saves time and cost and improves work efficiency.

The function of magnet in the precast component production process