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Technology Introduction Of Precast Concrete Embedded Hoisting Parts

- Sep 29, 2018 -

Prefabricated concrete members refer to the assembled concrete components which have been made before the installation of the construction site. Generally speaking, the precast concrete floor slabs, Concrete Box Girders for bridges, precast concrete roof truss beams for industrial buildings, culvert frames, precast concrete piles for foundation treatment, etc. are common in the construction field and wind power construction. Preparations and other fields are widely used. In the forming process of precast concrete members (e. g. the precast concrete tower tube members), it is usually necessary to pre-bury hoisting devices on the precast concrete members for later auxiliary hoisting and transfer of precast concrete members. In the prior art, there are many types of hoisting devices, generally including pre-embedded parts directly embedded in concrete, with lifting lugs or connecting holes. When in use, the auxiliary hoisting movement of concrete prefabricated components is realized by connecting ropes and hooks on the pre-embedded parts. The existing embedded parts have various structures, such as multi-strand steel cable with dampers, sheet metal parts with damped inner ends (such as Y-shaped bifurcation inner ends) and connecting holes, etc. However, with the development of technology and the higher requirements put forward by some industries (such as wind power industry), the existing embedded parts have gradually been unable to meet the existing requirements. In these areas, the general requirements for embedded parts are: high structural strength, easy to form construction, after layout has a better concealment without adversely affecting the surface smoothness of concrete precast members. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the structure of the pre-embedded hoisting device to meet the specific requirements of Engineering construction.

Technology introduction of precast concrete embedded hoisting parts