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The Features Of Precast Concrete Building/ Prefabricated Buildings

- Sep 12, 2018 -

1. A large number of building components, such as exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, laminated panels, balconies, air-conditioning panels, stairs, prefabricated beams, prefabricated columns, etc., are all produced and processed by the workshop. The centralized production greatly reduces the engineering cost. Also more conducive to quality control.

2. The building parts produced by the factory are transported to the site for assembly, which reduces the formwork and manual workload and speeds up the construction, which is of great significance for reducing the project cost.

3. Prefabricated construction transforms the entire building from one project to one product. The more standard the components, the higher the production efficiency and the lower the cost. With the digital management of the factory, the price of the entire prefabricated building is far from the traditional construction method.

4. Unlike traditional buildings, the main body must be finished before decoration, and the prefabricated building can be assembled after the decoration and decoration parts of each prefabricated part are completed, which realizes the synchronization of the decoration and decoration works with the main project, and reduces the construction process. , reducing the construction cost.

5. The choice of building materials for prefabricated buildings is more flexible, and the use of various energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials such as light steel and wood panels makes the assembled buildings more in line with the concept of green buildings.