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Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Frame

- Oct 12, 2018 -


Assembled concrete structure refers to the concrete structure assembled by prefabricated concrete members through reliable connection, including assembly integral concrete structure, fully assembled concrete structure and so on. In the construction project, referred to as the assembly structure; in the structural engineering, referred to as the assembly structure. Prefabricated components refer to prefabricated concrete components such as beams, slabs, walls, columns, balconies, stairs, canopies, etc., at the factory or on site.

Traditional housing construction technology has low production efficiency, slow construction speed, long construction period, high material consumption and high labor intensity. This series of conditions can no longer meet the rigid demand of buildings in modern society. The prefabricated building has the following characteristics: 1 diversified design, can be designed according to the specific requirements of the building; 2 modernized functions, can use a variety of new materials such as energy saving and environmental protection; 3 manufacturing factory, can make the building components uniform factory production, 4 construction and assembly, can greatly reduce labor costs, reduce material waste, and arrange some high-altitude operations on the ground; 5 time optimization, significantly shorten the construction period. The prefabricated building pays attention to the protection of the environment and resources. During the construction process, it effectively reduces the pollution of construction sewage, harmful gases, dust and construction noise, reduces the impact of building construction on the surrounding environment, and helps to improve the building. Labor productivity, promote the refinement of design and construction, improve the overall quality of buildings and energy conservation and emission reduction rates, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's construction industry, in line with the needs of national economic development. Prefabricated buildings are one of the most promising industrial projects in the future.

Prefabricated buildings need to connect the same kind of prefabricated components or different kinds of prefabricated components. Since the reinforced concrete frame columns are made of concrete and steel bars, the connection problem of longitudinal longitudinal reinforcement of the frame columns must be solved, especially the longitudinal reinforcement at the bottom of the frame columns. The connection problem is that the joint of the bottom longitudinal reinforcement of the prefabricated reinforced concrete frame column adopts the sleeve grouting method, but there are also many problems, such as the technical requirements of the sleeve grouting construction technology, the human factors in the construction are more, and the construction quality is difficult. Inspection and inspection, the quality of the longitudinal reinforcement connection is difficult to control; the frame column has more longitudinal reinforcement, and each longitudinal reinforcement is connected with a sleeve, which will cause the sleeve to be too dense and unfavorable for pouring concrete; the material and production and processing requirements of the sleeve are high and the cost is high. It is not conducive to cost savings; the connection between the sleeve and the longitudinal frame of the lower frame column is also difficult, so that it is difficult to promote.