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Precast Concrete Buildings In UK

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Since the 1970s, Britain has adopted a mixed system of industrialization and traditional methods in housing construction. In the industrial building, the factory building with glossy prefabricated metal wallboard, washer windowpane and other components is easy to assemble and novel in appearance, which attracts the attention of the architectural circles all over the world. Now,, Let's see some precast concrete buildings in UK.

Part 1: Art Center and Museum

1. Nottingham Contemporary Art Centre

The Nottingham Contemporary Art Center is located in Nottinghamshire, England, and has been launched since November 2011.

Nottingham Contemporary Art Centre.png

2. Turner Modern Art Museum

The Turner Modern Art Museum is the largest  modern art museum in southeast London. The project is built on the sea. The walls are all made of white prefabricated parts; the roof is a slope profile; the walls and steps are all built of stone, giving people a feeling of solidness everywhere.

Turner Modern Art Museum.pngTurner Modern Art Museum.png

Part 2: Library and Exhibition Hall

1. London Water Library

This water library is located in the London docks area. No matter far or near, the whole building looks like an inverted Pyramid standing before people. The building is 14 meters high and the facade is decorated with ancient bronze aluminum curtain wall. The prefabricated concrete spiral staircase inside the library elevates the interior space and gives people the illusion of being in the clouds.

London Water Library.png

2. Roca London Showroom

The London Museum is located on the famous Chelsea Harbor area of King's Road, with a floor area of 1,100 square meters, designed by the famous British architect Zaha Hadid who is inspired by the changing elements of water. The interior of the exhibition hall is decorated with white prefabricated concrete components and modern lighting technology, which perfectly presents the fashion and Modernity of the musician bathroom.

Roca London Showroom.png

Part 3: Warehouse and Storage Room

1. Carver Warehouse, UK

Carver Warehouse, built in 1804, is the oldest warehouse in the centre of Manchester.The Yorkshire City Securities Center has developed some part of the warehouse for 250 million, retaining almost all timber and cast iron structures and converting them to office use.

Carver Warehouse.jpg

2. British Film  Association  Storage Room

The British Film Association has long been able to  build storage room for the preservation of national film heritage. It covers an area of 30,000 square feet and costs 9 million. It consists of 30 single rooms for nitrate film and six single rooms for acetic acid film. It stores 460,000 rare films. These films are stored in a dry environment at -5 C with 35% relative humidity.

British Film  Association  Storage Room.png

Part 4: Business Buildings and Apartments

1. No.1 Coleman Street, London 

No.1 Coleman Street lies in a  20 thousand square meter commercial building in the city of London. The unique appearance of the building window which uses polished prefabricated concrete hanging board, arranged in geometric structure, is a beautiful landscape.

No.1 Coleman Street.png

2. No.1 Tower Bridge, Luxury Apartments  

No.1 Tower Bridge is a luxury apartment building on the Thames, covering 65,000 square meters, which is not  far away from the Tower of London. This is a 5 star hotel supporting apartment. Its building scale is very famous, and its architectural style is well designed.

No.1 Tower Bridge, Luxury Apartments.png