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Concrete Column Formwork Suppliers Commonly Used Templates And Examples

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Concrete column formwork suppliers commonly used templates and examples

Architectural knowledge

Classification of precast concrete component templates:

1. the commonly used templates for in-situ fabrication of prefabricated parts are tire mold, split demoulding and overlapping formwork.

2. the formwork commonly used for prefabrication of precast plant is fixed mould, drawing die and folding steel mould.

2 examples:

1. fetal mold

Mold is a kind of bottom mold made of brick or concrete material, which is usually used as a side mold. It is used for producing precast beams, columns, slabs and large roof panels, as shown below.

2. overlapping supports

That is, using pre fabricated components as bottom die, installing side templates along both sides of the components, and then making similar components. For rectangular, trapezoidal columns, beams and prefabricated piles, the overlapping method can be used to save side formwork.