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Magnetic Box Maintenance And Safety Instructions

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Magnetic box maintenance and safety instructions

(1) During the use of the magnetic box, it should be prevented from being deformed by iron tools, such as tapping or bumping, or even damaging the magnet, so as not to affect the performance. If you must use a tool, it is recommended to use a rubber hoe to gently tap.

(2) The platform used for the magnetic box should be kept clean and flat to prevent iron filings or concrete slurry from entering the inside of the magnetic box. This will affect the flexibility of the switch, and at the same time, the magnetic block may be tilted and the platform may not be flattened.

(3) The magnetic force of the holding surface of the magnetic box is very strong. It should be avoided to be close to precision instruments, electronic instruments and other devices that are susceptible to magnetic force, and should not be close to other iron materials. Once adsorbed, it is difficult to separate. It is recommended to make a special toolbox for the magnetic box and other magnetic holders.

(4) Always keep the magnetic box holding surface clean and flat. If it is not used for a long time, the suction surface should be oiled and rustproof. It should be checked frequently whether the magnetic block can be flattened and the switch is flexible.

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