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For Pre-built Houses--PC Prefabricated Component Mold Magnetic Template

- Aug 06, 2018 -

For pre-built houses--PC prefabricated component mold magnetic template

The role of magnetic fixtures

Prefabricated components are compared to traditional architectural methods:

1. Raw material cost: equivalent to on-site pouring (reduced plastering, increased embedded parts and additives)

2. Labor cost: save 30%~50% of labor compared to on-site pouring

3. Machine cost: slightly higher

4. Transportation cost: basically flat

5. Amortized cost of fixed assets: an additional cost of prefabricated components

6. Tool amortization cost: higher than on-site pouring

Prefabricated component PC fixture Prefabricated component PC fixture

The magnetic box fixes the characteristics of the PC prefabricated components.

1. The use of magnetic fixing device to avoid damage to the rigid platform to extend the life of the mold, reduce the investment of the mold, and play an important role in reducing the cost of prefabricated components.

2. The platform panel is made of special steel that can be rusted and can be twisted. As long as the side mold is replaced, it can produce the same product and realize the capability of “flexible production”. (Product size specifications can be adjusted arbitrarily)

3. Further improvement of foreign magnetic fixture products, resulting in less material, greater suction and lower cost.

The drawbacks of traditional prefabricated components:

1. The mold structure is complex and the cost is high.

2. Loading mold costs labor costs

3. Component quality is difficult to guarantee

4. Large amount of steel for mold

5. Complex construction

6. Special molds cannot be produced in general

Prefabricated component PC fixture.  Prefabricated component PC fixture.

We use this kind of fixing device that fixes the PC component template by magnetic force instead of the screw nut. It is called PC component template magnetic fixing device. The magnetic fixing device is tightly combined with the steel mold and the platform by magnetic force, and does not cause any damage to the platform mold. Moreover, our magnetic device is designed with a switching system that can be easily and quickly removed by turning off the magnetic force.