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Application Case Of BIM In Prefabricated Component Factory

- Sep 08, 2018 -

The general status and problems of PC component production at this stage

As more and more companies begin to pay attention to the transformation of building industrialization, some PC component production and processing plants have also been established, but at this stage, all factories face the following problems:


1.Uncertainty about product types leads to non-discipline of factory planning:

For the selection and positioning of pre-fabricated products before establishment, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of market demand and to meet market demand. The last word is going down. The overall planning of the product's recent demand in the medium and long term needs to be mastered in order to ensure its economic and scientific.

2. Only factoryization is achieved, and mechanization is not realized:

It is not difficult to achieve a factory-made manufacturing method. Simple can be understood as moving the work of the construction site to the factory floor, changing the work site and improving the working environment, but Without improving the production efficiency, it is still the work of the sea tactics, and the quality of the products cannot be well controlled.

3. Mechanization is only realized, and automation is not realized: 

After the mechanization method is introduced in the factory production of the prefabricated parts, the work efficiency is improved, and the frequency of occurrence of defective products is reduced. However, in the entire production process, it exists in the form of a work site, which causes a lot of inconvenience in management, and is also not conducive to the innovation of process technology.

4. Automatization only, modernization of group management information has not been realized: 

The assembly line of prefabricated parts automation has been gradually introduced and used by various pc factories, and it has shown that a relatively small footprint can achieve higher production capacity. The number of labor is also greatly reduced, and it has a good performance for quality control and safety management. However, when the group manages multiple pc factories across regions, many problems are also urgently needed to be solved by large group companies.

Due to the above problems, it is worthwhile to pay attention to and think about: efficiency, quality, cost, security, control, big data... how to achieve.

Moreover, the description of the above problems is also a different stage in the development process of information management, that is, the problem of the use of information technology. At present, most of the component production stays in the stage of factory and partial mechanization, and the use of information technology is scarce, so the efficiency is very low, and quality management cannot be controlled on a large scale.