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What Is The Correct Way To Pour Concrete For Precast Piles?

- Aug 17, 2018 -

The main reinforcement of the reinforced concrete precast pile (referred to as prefabricated pile, the same below) should be butt welded. The main rib joint shall not be more than 50% in the same section (flash butt welding, electric butt welding); the distance between the two joints of the same steel bar shall be greater than 30 times the diameter of the main rib, not less than 500 m m.

The allowable deviation of the precast pile reinforcement frame shall comply with the following provisions.

Reinforcement skeleton of prefabricated piles allows deviation

Item Allowance deviation (mm)

1 main rib spacing ± 5

2 pile tip center line 10

3 stirrup spacing or pitch of the spiral ribs ±20

4 lifting ring ±20 along the longitudinal axis

5 rings in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis ± 20

6 The height of the surface of the pile exposed by the ring is -0 to +10

7 main ribs from the top of the pile ± 10

The concrete of the precast pile shall not be lower than C30, and shall be continuously poured from the top of the pile to the tip of the pile. It is strictly forbidden to interrupt.