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Prefabricated Panels

- Sep 18, 2018 -

1.Prefabricated panels are the slabs used in early construction. It is the module or plate to be used in the project. Because it is a prefabricated concrete prefabricated part produced in the prefabricated field, it is directly transported to the construction site for installation, so it is called a prefabricated board. When making a prefabricated board, first use a wooden board to nail a hollow model. After the steel is laid on the hollow part of the model, fill the hollow part with cement, and then dry it and knock off the board. The rest is the prefabricated board. Prefabricated panels are used in construction, such as cement slabs covered by ditch beside roads; cement slabs with insulation on the roof are prefabricated panels. 

2.Prefabricated panels are available in both solid and hollow shapes. The purpose of making hollow prefabricated panels is simply because the hollow position of the panels is not affected by force, so it is useless to infuse the concrete in a hollow place, so that the unstressed places can be emptied to achieve weight reduction and savings. The purpose of the cost. However, prefabricated hollow slabs have not been advocated, and the structure of the building is made of cast-in-place structure. The advantage is that the house made is good overall, that is to say, it is more solid. Its practical prefabricated panels also have its benefits, such as shortening the construction period, reducing the cost and so on. The prefabricated hollow slab (YKB) is not unloaded. It must also bear the above load at the head. Therefore, the plug is added to the head. The YKB slat also has certain regulations, generally less than 30 unqualified, 30-50. Qualified, 50-110 plate seam reinforcement, greater than 110 less than 500 (more than one board mark length, you can choose to add a board, board logo length 500, 600, 900) to make the strip.